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The 3 Phases of Entrepreneurship & How to Accelerate Through Each

India Butler

I’m India.
I'm a girl who left behind her teaching career and grew a multiple six-figure empire. My mission? To help entrepreneurs like yourself build a profitable business that unlocks your dream life.
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The 3 Phases of Entrepreneurship & How to Accelerate Through Each



Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Are you an entrepreneur looking to accelerate your business growth in a way that feels aligned and fun? It’s no joke that entrepreneurship is not always smooth sailing. That’s why in today’s episode, I’m guiding you through three phases of entrepreneurship that you will typically find yourself in on your business journey: Building, Growing and Scaling. When you can understand these phases, you’re going to gain so much clarity on what steps you can take to accelerate your business growth while maintaining alignment and fun along the way.

I’m diving into the challenges each phase presents, the opportunities that come with it, why you need to constantly be learning from your mistakes and how to stay focused on your long-term vision while taking action in the present. I want you to remember that entrepreneurship is a journey of continuous growth and evolution. And when you can master each of these phases, it will lead you closer to your ultimate business goals. So no matter if you’re in the Building, Growing or Scaling phase, there’s definitely something in this episode for you!

Topics covered on the three phases of entrepreneurship:

  • Phase 1: Building – Why this is the time for experimenting, taking a lot of action and making mistakes 
  • The importance of having a clear vision but also being adaptable as you learn and evolve 
  • Embracing the Power of One – one offer, one platform and one strategy
  • Phase 2: Growing – How to focus on expanding your reach, adding new offers and increasing your visibility to establish yourself as an authority in your space
  • How to identify the moneymakers in your business so you can grow wider
  • Phase 3: Scaling – How to identify which of your offers are working and scalable  and going deeper into these for greater impact
  • Why scaling doesn’t always mean more and where you should actually be maximizing your efforts on

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Becoming CEO is the podcast for online entrepreneurs who are craving for their mindset and perspective to be expanded, who want to be surrounded by other high-achieving entrepreneurs for continued motivation, who are curious about how others run their businesses and who want to learn on the go. It’s a show that will guide you how to build, grow and scale your dream online business your way.

Whether you’re just getting started or scaling your online business to 6-figures and beyond, each week, your host India Butler and her guests will share purposeful, profitable and sustainable strategies for creating the laptop lifestyle you desire – without the fluffy BS.

Hi, I'm India

I'm a marketing strategist, mindset and manifestation enthusiast, multiple six-figure CEO, leader of a team of eight, business coach, and former school teacher, obsessed with finding out just how good life can get.

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As a multiple 6-figure CEO and online business mentor, India Butler shows you how to build your dream digital business. Whether you're just getting started or scaling your online business to 6-figures and beyond, India shares the purposeful, profitable and sustainable strategies for creating the laptop lifestyle you desire. India quit her job as a school teacher and built her business from scratch to multiple 6-figures in her first year and in this show, she is revealing all her best business, marketing, social media, and launching tips that will help your business grow to new heights.

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