Map out the core transformation your clients will experience within your offer (so you can set yourself out as the go-to brand & have clients lining up to work with you!)

Learn my 3-step process for designing a results-driven offer by developing your signature framework for success

Identify how to structure your offer using our Purposeful, Profitable and Sustainable framework (so you can make bank whilst making a difference!)

Imagine if you had an offer that encapsulated all the best of what you offer and you went from struggling to book out your offers to selling them like crazy?

Oh, and what if you could learn how to do that for free?!

You're in luck, because that is precisely what I'm sharing with you in this free workshop:

Create your Signature
Six-Figure Offer!


Heck yes! I'm in!

Meet your teacher

Hey there, I'm India, and I'm obsessed with creating profitable offers

Before I became a multiple six-figure business mentor and CEO, I was a teacher. There are a lot of things I've gotten good at from practice and experience, but if there's one thing I was born to do? It's to teach. In fact, I built an empire around creating results-driven offers and curriculums. Now, I'm going to teach you, too...

Founder of India Butler & Co
multiple six-figure business mentor

This Workshop Is For You      

You're tired of feeling like nobody truly sees the value of the work that you do...

You crave deep fulfillment and feeling confident in how you support your clients

You want to learn how to structure your offers for maximum impact AND income


You're ready to build a brand that is known for the results it brings clients!

Yes, this is me!



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