What if you could accelerate your online business with a proven framework to fast track your success?

Online Coach


OCA is an accelerator coaching program for coaches & course creators ready to kickstart their business and build six-figure foundations.

If desire was all it took, you'd be a successful millionaire coach by now.

You can picture so clearly your dream life. That vision was enough to get you to pull the trigger and start your business in the first place.

But, your business hasn’t skyrocketed as quickly as you hoped it would.

You’ve realised that knowing deeply in your heart that this is your true calling is the start, but now you need a proven framework and strategy to build your business to generate real results for you.

But so far... only dribs and drabs have come in.

You’ve felt this calling for a while now, and you're finally ready to answer.

Your life’s mission is to become a coach and create real change.

...watching dozens of free trainings, plugging into as many educational podcasts, and downloading all the freebies from your favourite CEOs to try to piece together the big picture strategy.

You feel like everyone around you is celebrating hitting their first six-figures and signing $10K clients, whilst you’re barely getting by and feeling more lost than ever.

You thought you’d be living the successful work from home lifestyle with daily sales rolling in by now,

but instead, you’re working longer hours, feeling mentally drained from thinking about your business all the time, and with not as much as you wanted to show for it.

You’ve done everything you were supposed to...

Wondering whether you’re just not meant for this world or that you’re missing something.

Truth is, this is the starting point for almost every single entrepreneur out there.

You are not alone. We have all been there.

But the only reason you're not where you desire to be yet isn't because the universe is against you...

It's because you don't fully believe it and you're missing the clarity on the how to get there.

Naturally, the imposter syndrome
and doubt has started to creep in.

I went from...

In my first 6 months, I went from...


Being ghosted by the few leads I got in my DMs after pitching them my offers


Going days and weeks with dry AF engagement on my content wondering if I might as well be speaking to a wall


Doubting my niche, my brand name, my content, my story, my purpose on a daily basis


Draining my savings and relying on my partner to support us while I chased my dream business, even though we had no proof it would work… yet

to just 6 months later...

to just
6 months later...


Having dreamy, soulmate clients in my inbox asking how we could work together


Growing my community to thousands of eager, engaged followers who shared my voice and mission


Finding confidence in my story, my voice and my purpose to truly step into my authority as a coach


Generating £5K months and hitting my first £10K month all from just 2 core offers.

The results I saw, I started seeing faster and faster, easier and easier, and my clients started to see amazing results faster and faster, with more and more ease.

I designed my proven framework around three core pillars - purposeful, profitable and sustainable.

Using these pillars, I have helped over 100 clients build, grow and scale their business to new levels of success from replacing their full-time income all the way to generating multiple 6-figures in revenue in one year.

And from this process, I created my signature foundation program, Online Coach Accelerator, an accelerator coaching program for coaches & course creators ready to kickstart their business and build six-figure foundations.

That’s when I founded my proven framework for all levels in business.

A 3-month accelerator coaching program for coaches & course creators ready to kickstart their business and build six-figure foundations.


Online Coach



You’re an action-taking legend and these self-paced trainings will take you from start-up student to successful entrepreneur with 20+ trainings & resources.

The Online Coach Accelerator is designed to take you step-by-step through the business building process and fast-track your way to signing clients with ease.


In these twice monthly group coaching calls, you'll be supported, challenged, and motivated as you implement the OCA trainings to your business.

Get live, hot-seat coaching with India so you can get my eyes on your business. You will walk away from each session feeling invigorated and ready to take action with more clarity, confidence and determination.


Mindset forms the foundation of every decision, action and result in your business. 

With our leading mindset coach and breathwork specialist, you'll be supported, coached and guided to unleashing your most confident, abundant self so you can become unstoppable in life and business.


With access to our Slack space, you'll have access to an entire community of cheerleaders and support.

Tap into on-demand coaching and daily accountability Monday through Friday for ongoing support as you build your business. Got a question outside of our coaching calls? Get a direct line to India, her team and the rest of the OCA community. 


Bring your A-Game to our monthly coworking sessions where you can smash out your project work and get real-time feedback on your work.

These sessions are for ticking off your big to-do tasks alongside your peers (hello productive energy), collaborating on your projects, and getting shared input to optimise your copy, content, or marketing materials.

Online Coach


01 Build your Business Blueprint

the modules

Unlock the OCA business blueprint to set yourself up for success and kickstart your business growth with the purposeful, profitable and sustainable framework.

✔️Uncover the roadmap to building your online coaching business from scratch
✔️Learn India's signature purposeful, profitable and sustainable framework to growing your business
✔️The OCA Business Blueprint Planning Worksheet

02 Ideal Client Clarity & Brand Story

Get clear on who you serve and how to serve them by unlocking your unique zone of genius and realm of expertise to create your magnetic brand story. 

✔️Get crystal clear on who your ideal client is and how YOU can help them achieve their goals using your area of expertise and zone of genius
✔️Build your unique brand story into your authority-positioning and connection-building strategy
✔️The Ideal Client Clarity + Market Research Workbook
✔️The OCA Brand Story Worksheet

03 Create your Signature (Irresistible!) Offer

Create your signature offer that encapsulates the most impactful and profitable transformation for your ideal client.

✔️Understand how to map out your client lifecycle and the roadmap for a profitable and scalable offer suite
✔️Develop your unique client success methodology so you can build your signature, irresistible offer
✔️Pricing your offer strategically and profitably to accelerate your clients’ results and your business growth

04 Content Creation & Audience Growth

Grow your social media following with engaged, high quality leads and create captivating content that hooks your audience in for more (and more and more...)

✔️Optimise your social media profile to become an ideal client magnet & gain high-quality followers
✔️Create content that attracts, nurtures and converts your social media followers into dream clients & learn the 5 types of content to post for maximum results
✔️Snag my 90-Day Content Roadmap to sign your first clients & grow your community with targeted followers

05 Generating & Nurturing Best-Fit Leads

Magnetise your best-fit leads and potential clients with powerfully simple lead generating and relationship building strategies.

✔️Learn how to get thousands of new eyes on your business with our best-fit lead generation strategies
✔️Build genuine relationships & deeper connections with your community to foster brand loyalty & lasting client partnerships
✔️Fill your list with potential dream clients with our Custom Lead Tracker 

06 Highly-Converting Sales Strategy

Convert your cold leads into lifetime dream clients who are ALL IN on themselves with empowered sales strategies & confidence-building conversion processes.

✔️Master the psychology of sales and what motivates people to take action so you can get your dream clients saying a full-body “YES” to your offer
✔️Discover how to convert cold leads into paying clients with our application workflow & DM sales process
✔️Boss your sales calls with confidence using our tried-and-tested Sales Call Guide 

07 Setting Up your ops + Systems

Set your business (and yourself) up for success with streamlined operations and systems that provide consistent high-quality standards for you and your clients.

✔️Choose your platforms and set up your foundational systems to support your growth so you can leverage your time for maximum impact
✔️Use our client success management systems so you can stay organised from enquiry, onboarding, client management and offboarding
✔️Steal our templates, checklists and workflows to streamline your processes and tools that fuel your business growth

08 Define your Distinct Visual Branding

Create distinct, stand-out brand that sets you apart, draws in your dream clients and builds major trust.

✔️Identify your brand's visual identity & create a distinctive brand that stands out
✔️Create your brand guidelines based on your custom aesthetic, typography, and visual style
✔️Use my Brand Vision Board Template to create a consistent, distinctive brand

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By the end of the OCA program, you will be unstoppable with your purposeful, profitable and sustainable online business.

Yep, you get all of that.

I've got the kindling ready to go... It's up to you to ignite the spark and light the fire. You are a remarkable human and it's about time you share your vision with the world.

You're ready to ignite that fire within you that knows you were made for more.

“India is a true leader in her field, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

- Jaymi Green, Life & Business Coach

"Not only did she help me double my revenue and create an offer suite that worked for me as a busy mom of two, but she also inspired and encouraged me to turn all of my visions into a reality."

an absolute game-changer for me

How do I get started?

well, this sounds amazing.

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This is for you if:

You're a coach, course creator or DFY service-provider just starting out

you want to build a product-based or networking business

you want more than just a course or program, but a holistic accelerator experience

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK and you're looking for a quick fix

you're serious about building your business & ready to fully commit

It's probably not for you if...

you don't want to leverage social media for growth

“Words can not do justice for the transformation I have seen in myself and my business since working with India."

- Marlie Derstine, Business Mentor

"I have seen my first $10k month and my first 6-figures in sales. I quite literally could not imagine a better role model, mentor and friend to grow along side of!"

$8K cash month after first month

I'm India,
your business BFF

The only thing I had to my name when I started? Unwavering belief that I was made for more. And with that, I built my business up from the ground up to multiple 6-figures in under 2 years. But it wasn't all plain sailing. The only difference is I take action. Fast. I've had just as many failures and flops as the next entrepreneur (if not more), but I've also learned so much more and got so much more experience. And I want to share those lessons with you so you can fastrack your growth.

Hey there!

let's get started

With monthly mindset coaching and coworking accountability sessions, you can get in-depth support s so you can take immediate action and feel unstoppable.

monthly mindset + coworking Sessions

Access to the OCA Slack space for M-F support, on-demand coaching & community love.

community slack channel

Live support and coaching from a coach who has done this for herself and countless clients at your service to support you as you grow your business.

twice monthly coaching calls

8 modules and 20+ trainings to get you off the ground and running from day 0.

Self-paced training portal

When you join OCA, you'll get:

ok, let's recap!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

You can start whenever you'd like.

This is a rolling enrollment programn which means you can start straight away or select a future start date that works for you. 

The payment plan will start straight away whether you start immediately or in the future to secure your spot.

When you start, you'll be immediately onboarded, granted access to the materials, and welcomed into our community Slack channel to dive straight into the support group.



We have worked with a wide range of niches, including photography, graphic design, business coaching, marketing, OBM, VAs, life + mindset coaching, relationship + love coaching, human design experts, and so on...

The common desire is to build a coaching-based business that allows you to share your passions, your expertise and your mission so you can have a deeper impact on the lives of the people you help.



The live calls can vary, but there is at least one live call per week of some sort, whether it is hot seat coaching with India, mindset coaching with our specialist mindset coach, coworking session with the wider group, or a bonus guest expert training.

We update the calendar on a quarterly basis and will give 14-days notice where possible for any changes, excluding unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or urgent matters.

All calls will be within the timezone of the coach facilitating the call so these may vary, but calls are recorded and uploaded in the shared portal within 7-days.



You will be coached live by India twice a month, and supported in the coworking sessions with India unless otherwise scheduled with a support coach.

You also have daily access to India within the Slack channel to ask questions, tap into the community for peer support, or simply collaborate and connect with everyone.



Yes, you will have lifetime access to the portal and all digital resources provided as part of the program.

Our training portal is designed to provide the foundation of your training and development as an entrepreneur so it is important you revisit the materials periodically to maximise your learning experience.

You will also get access to all future updates automatically.



You can send an email directly to support@indiabutlerco.com and we will answer your question within 24-48 working hours.

A member of the team will pick up the email and if it is best addressed by India herself, we will direct it to her inbox so she can reach out to you and chat through your Qs.


Here's exactly what our clients are saying:

Curious about what's possible?

i'm all in

Don't worry, you don't have to have it all figured out before you start. All you have to do is make the decision and be willing to fully believe in yourself. We'll do the rest together.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself & go all in on your dreams?

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