What if you could scale your business to new levels of income and impact with more ease, support and freedom than ever before?



Empire Mastermind is the home for CEOs and entrepreneurs ready to scale their business to multiple six-figures and beyond with business expansion, mindset support and leadership development.

But, ease and flow aren’t your BFFs right now. In fact, you feel like you’re working more than you have before and that your business is even coming to a standstill.

You’ve become your own bottleneck and all you crave is more time and freedom in your schedule.

The thought of scaling overwhelms you a little because if you’re already short on time and ease in your life, how can you consider adding in more work to that load you’re carrying?

Well, what if I told you scaling isn’t about adding in but refining what already is.

You’ve built your business to six-figures. You’re no stranger to $8-10K months. You’re on a mission to scaling your business into an empire.

What if you get to have it all and it starts by just saying yes?

But lately, you’ve been feeling a twang of resentment or frustration that things aren’t coming to you as easily as you’d like.

You’re signing clients and you’re even fully booked at times, but your schedule and calendar often look like a chaotic maze trying to cram a months worth of work into one week.

You’ve got stand-out offers that you love, but they’re not having the impact you truly desire and it feels like you could be doing more to let them shine.

You have a clear vision for where you want to take your business, but it feels like everything falls on to your shoulders and there’s only so much time, energy or capacity to execute on your ideas.

Truthfully - you want more, but you don’t want to have to sell your soul to the devil to make it happen.

You’re good at what you do and you love this business you’ve built.

What once felt like an easy decision to say, “duh - I want more”, now actually feels like you’re trading a lot more than you realised.

But here’s the thing - scaling your business doesn’t mean more. In fact, this is where you get to refine, streamline and simplify because you’ve proven what you do works.

The only thing stopping you at this level is you. Everything else is already waiting for you. It’s time to say yes.

You’ve hit a fork in the road - staying where you are or striving for more.

What if you could go from…

What if you could go from…


Trading your time for money and feeling stuck in the hamster-wheel of your evergrowing to-do list (no matter how much you tick off, more appears)


Feeling like you’re sometimes hiding in the shadows in the online space because you don’t have the time to foster the brand or community you crave


Feeling restricted in your offers and your workload, not sure how to scale or increase your capacity without burning yourself out


Plateauing in your income making enough to cover your expenses and pay yourself comfortably, but not yet reaching levels of overflow and abundance




Redefine your offer suite to maximise your income potential without trading more time or compromising on client experience


Expand your brand to reach new levels of impact and visibility so you can become an industry leader and become wildly in-demand no matter what you sell


Create more ease and freedom in your schedule by streamlining your workflows and restructuring your business architecture


Scale to multiple six figures (and beyond) with rinse-and-repeat strategies that run FOR you, so you can make more while doing less

In 2 years, I scaled my business to the half million mark in revenue and we are growing faster than ever to seven-figures. I now work with seven, multi seven and even eight figure entrepreneurs in the masterminds that I am part of and if there is one thing we all agree on - it’s that simple scales.

And that’s where my proven framework comes in - we focus on three core areas in your business. Purpose. Profit. Sustainability.

Scaling takes refinement. It means redefining how you operate in your business and turning your business into a self-sustaining machine that generates massive income and impact, whilst unlock more freedom and ease for you.

Empire Mastermind is designed to take you to that level with complete support in business expansion, mindset support and leadership development.

It’s time to get out of your own way and scale to new heights with more ease than you even imagined.

Empire Mastermind is a 6-month mastermind for CEOs and entrepreneurs ready to scale their business to multiple six-figures and beyond with business expansion, mindset support and leadership development.




✔️become an industry leader and tap into more visibility and demand than ever before

✔️scale your offer suite to multi 6-figures with rinse-and-repeat systems, funnels and strategies

✔️set up workflows and automations, and hire your dream team so you can make more while working less

✔️generate 5 and multi 5-figures in monthly recurring revenue for months ahead


Empire Mastermind Training & Resource Portal

You'll get access to our exclusive Mastermind Portal with trainings, resources and access to the same tools and systems we use at India Butler & Co.

This training portal is designed to provide continual skill development and training support so you can plug into the bank of materials for your growth and scaling needs.


Two Monthly Mastermind Sessions

In these twice monthly group mastermind calls, you'll get to plug into the Mastermind energy with your
like-minded peers and connect with yours truly as the lead coach in this space.

These calls are where you get to tap into the collective brilliance of this community, get live high-touch coaching on your business and mindset, and feel deeply supported with some game-changing tough love.


Monthly Content Planning Workshops

An interactive workshop to help you build the consistency and get live support with one of the most important pieces of growing your business - your content.

These dedicated workshops are where we will collectively strategise, plan and create our monthly marketing materials so you can free up the rest of your month for more of what you love.


Quarterly Sales Planning Workshops

This is where our sales goals become reality. Every quarter, we will have a dedicated workshop to review your sales plan, launch calendar and map out your strategy to hit your next income goals.

These workshops redefine what it means to set goals. These goals might as well be plugged into your calendar because you'll feel so clear, confident and motivated to make them happen.


Monthly Mindset Coaching & Support

Mindset forms the foundation of every decision, action and result in your business. 

With our leading mindset coach and breathwork specialist, you'll be supported, coached and guided to unleashing your most confident, abundant self so you can become unstoppable in life and business.


Monthly NLP & Leadership Coaching

Becoming a CEO is more than just hiring a team or running a business.

It's about unlocking your authority, embracing your voice, and stepping into your role as a leader. With our NLP Practitioner and Leadership Development Coach (with over 20 years of running multi six and seven figure companies), you'll learn the tried-and-tested strategies for becoming a CEO.


Community Slack Channel

With access to our Slack space, you'll have access to an entire community of cheerleaders and support.

Tap into on-demand coaching and daily accountability Monday through Friday for ongoing support as you build your business. Got a question outside of our coaching calls? Get a direct line to India, her team and the rest of the OCA community. 


Quarterly Virtual Retreats

These quarterly retreats are where we go deeper than ever into your brand, your business, and your potential.

We collectively unite to develop as leaders, workshop on our deepest desires, and hold space for one another in unparalleled ways so we can unlock our full potential. With mindset, business strategy, manifestation and strategy - we'll cover it all in these retreats.




the modules

Step into your full-authority as a CEO and leverage your zone of genius to generate maximum growth for your business.

✔️Define your CEO role within your zone of genius so you can lean into your unique money-making activities & leverage your time for maximum growth
✔️Identify the roadblocks in your schedule and implement time management strategies that unlock more whitespace on your calendar to focus on the tasks that light you up
✔️Discover the mindset practices to fully embrace your role as a leader in your space and your business so you can scale your business confidently as the visionary


Grow your dream team and lead your business into a fully-established multiple 6-figure empire.

✔️Hire your dream team to take the lead on the pre-defined outsourced tasks & become an effective team leader in your business so you can realise your vision
✔️Set up clearly defined boundaries and systems to support your team so you can truly relax knowing your business is being managed efficiently
✔️Learn how to effectively delegate and direct your vision with your team with team management strategies


Scale your current offers to generate more profit, expand your offer suite to attract more sales, and drive more passive income with highly-converting funnels.

✔️Audit your offer suite to identify any gaps and create intentional offers that maximise profitability
✔️Create scalable offers that generate passive income with highly-converting funnels
✔️Develop a suite of high-ticket programs that are scalable & generate sustainable recurring revenue


Grow your audience and become an industry leader with a high-level visibility strategy that leverages your voice and brand story across multiple platforms.

✔️Learn how to repurpose your content strategy across multiple platforms & create a cross-platform strategy that has your audience bingeing your content for days
✔️Leverage the audience of other leaders to share your expertise and establish your authority
✔️Grow your brand and audience with a podcast that nurtures your community & creates evergreen content that converts long-term


Unlock your six-figure sales strategy with an executive-level plan and outline for your quarterly and annuals sales (no more going into the month winging it!).

✔️Master the high-level sales strategies, including offer parties, bundles, and memberships, that create more pathways for income
✔️Learn how to generate daily sales in your business with more ease & flow
✔️Discover how to plan your quarterly and annual sales strategies & hit your income goals consistently, confidently


Create a highly-converting and engaging website that leverages potent copy, converting sales pages, and generates leads passively with alluring landing pages.

✔️Discover how to build an engaging website that attracts and engages your audience whilst leveraging your time with timeless content that works FOR you
✔️The formula for highly-converting landing and sales pages that increase your sales
✔️Steal my Website Copy Playbook & Page Templates to seamlessly build out your ShowIt website

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By the end of Empire Mastermind, you will be unstoppable with your purposeful, profitable and sustainable online business.

Yep, you get all of that.

I've got the kindling ready to go... It's up to you to ignite the spark and light the fire. You are a remarkable human and it's about time you share your vision with the world.

You're ready to ignite that fire within you that knows you were made for more.

“India is a true leader in her field, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

- Jaymi Green, Life & Business Coach

"Not only did she help me double my revenue and create an offer suite that worked for me as a busy mom of two, but she also inspired and encouraged me to turn all of my visions into a reality."

an absolute game-changer for me

How do I get started?

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This is for you if:

You're ready to become an industry leader & build a powerful personal brand

You aren't prepared to do the work and prefer to stay small

you want to build an empire using social media & digital marketing

You can't commit to scaling your business or showing up for yourself

You want to make minimum $10-30K+ months.

It's probably not for you if...

You don't care about helping others or yourself

“Words can not do justice for the transformation I have seen in myself and my business since working with India."

- Marlie Derstine, Business Mentor

"I have seen my first $10k month and my first 6-figures in sales. I quite literally could not imagine a better role model, mentor and friend to grow along side of!"

$8K cash month after first month

I'm India, your business BFF

The only thing I had to my name when I started? Unwavering belief that I was made for more. And with that, I built my business up from the ground up to multiple 6-figures in under 2 years. But it wasn't all plain sailing. The only difference is I take action. Fast. I've had just as many failures and flops as the next entrepreneur (if not more), but I've also learned so much more and got so much more experience. And I want to share those lessons with you so you can fastrack your growth.

Hey there!

let's get started

With monthly Mindset, NLP and Leadership coaching sessions, you can get in-depth support so you can take immediate action and feel unstoppable.

monthly mindset, NLP + LEADERSHIP Sessions

Access to the Mastermind Slack space for M-F support, on-demand coaching & community love.

community slack channel

Live support and coaching from a coach who has done this for herself and countless clients at your service to support you as you grow your business.

twice monthly coaching calls

6 modules and 20+ trainings to get you off the ground and growing to $10-30K+ months.

Self-paced training portal

When you join Empire, you'll get:

ok, let's recap!


Access to the Online Coach Accelerator, Six-Figure CEO and my complete course collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

You can start whenever you'd like.

This is a rolling enrollment programn which means you can start straight away or select a future start date that works for you. 

The payment plan will start straight away whether you start immediately or in the future to secure your spot.

When you start, you'll be immediately onboarded, granted access to the materials, and welcomed into our community Slack channel to dive straight into the support group.



We have worked with a wide range of niches, including photography, graphic design, business coaching, marketing, OBM, VAs, life + mindset coaching, relationship + love coaching, human design experts, and so on...

The common desire is to build a coaching-based business that allows you to share your passions, your expertise and your mission so you can have a deeper impact on the lives of the people you help.



The live calls can vary, but there is at least one live call per week of some sort, whether it is hot seat coaching with India, mindset coaching with our specialist mindset coach, coworking session with the wider group, or a bonus guest expert training.

We update the calendar on a quarterly basis and will give 14-days notice where possible for any changes, excluding unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or urgent matters.

All calls will be within the timezone of the coach facilitating the call so these may vary, but calls are recorded and uploaded in the shared portal within 7-days.



You will be coached live by India twice a month, and supported in the workshop sessions & retreats with India unless otherwise scheduled with a support coach.

You also have daily access to India within the Slack channel to ask questions, tap into the community for peer support, or simply collaborate and connect with everyone.



Yes, you will have lifetime access to the portal and all digital resources provided as part of the program.

Our training portal is designed to provide the foundation of your training and development as an entrepreneur so it is important you revisit the materials periodically to maximise your learning experience.

You will also get access to all future updates automatically.



You can send an email directly to support@indiabutlerco.com and we will answer your question within 24-48 working hours.

A member of the team will pick up the email and if it is best addressed by India herself, we will direct it to her inbox so she can reach out to you and chat through your Qs.


Here's exactly what our clients are saying:

Curious about what's possible?

i'm all in.

Don't worry, you don't have to have it all figured out before you start. All you have to do is make the decision and be willing to fully believe in yourself. We'll do the rest together.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself & go all in on your dreams?

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