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I’m sharing the 3-part framework that has scaled my business to almost 7-figures and countless of my clients’ businesses to multiple 6-figures, in just 90-minutes.

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just to be clear...

You know you were meant to impact thousands of people’s lives. You love what you do and getting to build a business that has so much potential.

There’s nothing you’re more obsessed with than finding ways to be a better leader, CEO, and coach or service provider…

You LOVE your business, but maybe you’re not fully IN love with the way you’re running it at the moment.

You’ve realised that somewhere along the way, you’ve gotten distracted by how everyone else is running their business, and now, your business has gotten a little messy.

You can see now that if you carry on as you are now, you’re either headed for burn out or you’ll reach a standstill, and neither gets you to multiple 6-figures that you so deeply crave.

You know you can’t possibly double your workload or add in even more stuff, especially if all it gets you even further from why you started a business in the first place - to gain more freedom in your life.

Because that’s what it all comes down to…

Well, you’re right.

You know you want a spacious AF business that allows you to work on what you want, when you want, whilst saying no to everything that doesn’t light your soul on fire.

You know you’re capable of holding $50K+ months and high multiple 6-figure years, without having to launch a million new offers back to back.

You know you can become a recognised industry leader who attracts soulmate clients with ease, next-level media opportunities like you’re Oprah, and a community of eager + engaged trailblazers who share in your mission.

freedom of choice.

The secret is…

Well, there is no secret. Not anymore anyway.

I’m lifting the veil on the step-by-step framework with implementable action prompts for you to follow so you can build an iconic brand mission, a wildly profitable offer suite ecosystem, and a business model that feels spacious & supportive.

Because the truth is that the success you have been looking for is hidden in the work that you have been avoiding.

Scale to $50K+ months and multiple 6-figure years with a business that is purposeful, profitable and sustainable so you can do more of what you love in and out of your business.

Ready, Set, Scale!


Here's What You'll Learn

The Purpose-Led Method to Finding (& Falling in Love with) Your Money-Making Mission

The Secret to Generating *Exponentially* Increasing Recurring Revenue in Your Business

part one

part two

How to Build Your Life-First Business Model that is Spacious, Supportive & Sustainable

part Three


I know because I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped several dozen of my clients scale to 6 and multiple 6-figure years following this exact framework.

Because it is more than possible for you.

"Not only did she help me double my revenue and create an offer suite that worked for me... a busy mom of two, but she also inspired and encouraged me to turn all of my visions into a reality. Thank you, India, for everything you have done for me, and for helping me take my business and mindset to new heights!"

Jaymi doubled her income

Yes, It Really Works

From selling out her first ever launch to now having multiple 5-figure launches...

Ellie has transformed her business in less than one year going from being a SMM to now hosting global retreats, live events, sold-out programs and becoming a leader in her industry.

Ellie had a £28K launch

But I’ve not properly introduced myself…

Hey, I’m India!

I built and scaled my business to over half a million in total revenue in just 2 years, and we are already 33% of the way to hitting out first 7-figure year in 2024. How? By integrating my 3-part scaling framework into my business. But here's the real piece that I love to shout out about myself... I am a MAGICIAN at simplifying business strategies in a way that feels SO f*cking aligned.

multiple 6-figure entrepreneur, business mentor, podcaster and CEO mama

"Working with India as my mentor and business coach has been an absolute game-changer for me."

India is a true leader in her field, and I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her will undoubtedly benefit from her wealth of wisdom and guidance.

Jaymi, Life Coach

"Her unwavering belief in me has helped me to realize all of my wild potential."

 I have seen my first $10k month and my first 6-figures in sales. I quite literally could not imagine a better role model, mentor and friend to grow along side of!

Marlie, Life + Business Coach

The Training Is For You           

you're stuck working IN your business with no long-term strategy to scale to multiple 6-figures and beyond

you have an established business & you're at a place ready to grow and scale, you just don't know how

you're an action taker and you take radical responsibility for your own work


you're a coach or service-provider who deeply craves BIG income without sacrificing your freedom, values & ingenuity

This is so me

Ready, Set, Scale

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